Making the most of social media when planning travel trips

Of all online activity, the most popular by far is social media. Literally millions of us are logging onto our favourite sites or apps at all times of day and night, and catching up on news, reading or updating status’, posting or watching videos, putting the world to rights or simply venting our emotions by having a good rant. This is just a tiny fraction of what you can do on the social media sites, and one area that is growing rapidly in popularity is using the sites to plan your trips.

social media when planning travel trips

Sites like Facebook are now right up there with the travel review sites in letting others know about holiday destinations, flights, hotels etc, and as the photos posted don’t have be reviewed before they go live like lots of other sites you can see both the good and the bad. While you may not have a friend who has visited the hotel you are considering, you can bet that they will know somebody who has, such is the power of social media across the globe.

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There are also dedicated groups and even travel companies now listed on the top social media sites. These can help you plan any trip you can think of, from a cruise to the Caribbean to trekking in Morocco. People always want to share their travel experiences, and the social media sites have taken the place of those long nights where you were invited around to ‘look at the holiday snaps’.

Another plus is that you can easily get in contact with members who live in the countries you want to visit, and find out vital information that is sometimes hard to find online. For example, if you are heading to Eastern Europe and want advice on public transport, somebody who lives there will always have way more information than a badly translated website that leaves you baffled.

On the whole, many of who are planning a trip are starting the journey on a social media site, be it looking at someone’s holiday photos or posting a status asking if anyone has been somewhere you are thinking of going. There is always someone who has found a little gem in the travel industry, be it a flight sight, accommodation site etc, and they will share it with their social media friends, why spend hours trawling the web when you can have all your questions answered within minutes?

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